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Portable Solar Lantern
Our Price: $46.90

The Solar Lantern is designed for replacing the kerosene lamp/lantern and candles for rural household/kiosks. The design of the lantern is very similar to kerosene lantern, so that users of kerosene lantern do not need to do adjustment when they change it to the Solar Lantern. They can hang on other things(with detachable handle) and most importantly it is solar powered. So users will never need to spend money on expensive kerosene nor candles.

The Solar Lantern comes with a high efficient solar panel on the top. The solar panel will charge the battery built in the lantern and you can use it at night or whenever you need it.

The Solar Lantern has an USB port on it, which allows you to charge your mobile device with the solar power. Users will not have to pay for expensive battery or charging service.

With the detachable handle, you can bring your Solar Lantern everywhere! You can also hang it on different surfaces such as a wall, table to illuminate the area based on different environment. The Solar Lantern is weather, dust, and impact resistant.

Operating Time: 10 hrs (50% Brightness), 5 hrs (100% Brightness)

Charging Time: 8 -12 hrs

Crank Charger with lithium battery and light - Cranking Power

  • Large Capacity
  • Charging
  • Discharging
  • Cranking Dynamo
  • Lighting
Can be used for Iphone, Moble, PSP, GPS, Camera, Ipod, Ipad


Battery type: Lithium-ion Battery

Circle life: after 500 cycles of charging the accumulator
keeps not less than 75% of capacity

Nominal input: DC 5.0V/ 1A

Nominal output: DC5.0V/ 1000mA (max)

Capacity: 5000 mah

Charging time: 8 hours

Standard Components: User manual, power bank USB
3-5mm Cable


It is best to not let the battery drain out before you try to charge it.
It is recommend that you charge it once a month by AC. adapter.
If it is too low, hand cranking may not charge it anymore.

No batteries needed for this hand powered magnetic rechargeable capacitor flashlight. By passing a rare earth magnet through a copper wire coil energy is produced then stored in a gold film capacitor.

Light compares to a standard flashlight using white light LED
. Waterproof to a depth exceeding 200 feet. It is completely sealed so will float in an upright position. The switch glows making it easy to find in the dark. The flashlight is shockproof from a drop height of 5 feet. It also can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. This rechargeable flashlight is considered 'a work horse' giving dependable performance when illumination is critical. It is perfect for Bug Out bags, boats, car emergency kits and in the home for when the power goes out.

This flashlight has as 5 year warranty. Zero maintenance.

Beam Range = 50 feet (15m)
Beam Diameter = 12 feet (3.6m)
Light Output = 15lm (laser collimation)
Charge Time = 30 seconds
Light Duration = 15 minutes
Waterproof Depth = 200 feet (61m)
Corrosion Proof = motor oil, diesel fuel, salt water & mild acids
Storage Temperature = -40F (-40c) to +140F (+70c)
Dimensions = Length 10 inches (25cm) Diameter 1.5 inches (3.8cm)
Weight = 11oz (308 grams)
Warranty = 5 years
Solar Pod Light
Our Price: $83.95

The Solar Pod Light emits 65 lumens of light. This will light a 100 square foot area. The Solar Pod is the perfect solution to illuminate walkways around out-buildings, car ports, yard walkways, the garden or pool.

For business owners the Solar Pod will increase visibility for night shift workers and improve safety in outdoor environments such as farming and construction.

The Solar Pod will bring light to portable restroom facilities for increased convenience and security.

It makes an excellent addition to off-grid homes and homesteads. The Solar Pod can be a critical light source in power outages and grid down scenarios.

  • Illuminates 100 sq. ft. area
  • On/Off switch operates in manual or automatic modes.
  • Delivers 30 hours of continuous lighting from four high brightness LEDs on a 10 hour solar charge
  • Solar panel produces 1 watt of electricity; charges 4 AA 2200 mA NiMH batteries (included)
  • Temperature range: -4 F (-20c) to 176 F (60C)
  • Dimensions: Diameter 3 5/8 inch (92mm) Height 3 inch (76.2mm)
  • Weight 16oz (454g)
  • Rugged construction, weatherproof, tamper proof assembly (double lock construction)
  • Batteries easily replace (after 2 to 3 years of use) with rechargeable AA
  • Invented and assembled in the USA
  • 12 month manufactures warranty
  • Easy to install