About Us

Welcome to SolarGeneratorsPlus.com, where we specialize in solar generators. We're happy to announce that you've arrived at the right place.

As a result of all of our research, we have identified solar generators that we believe represent the greatest value in the industry. Along the way we've also developed valuable friendships with both our customers and suppliers. For that reason, it is with great pride that we present these solar generators to you.

From Goal Zero to Outback Power to Topray Solar, our commitment is to the highest standards of quality. To us, every panel and generator is as important as the overall presentation for all of our solar generators. After all, you expect each setup and use to be excellent, and rightfully so. We want every customer experience to be as good as our own with each solar generator. That's why our emphasis is on providing only the highest quality soalr panels with outstanding service. From the moment you place the order to the moment your solar generator arrives and you begin to enjoy it, we want your experience to be the best it can be.

If we've done business with you before, welcome back. If not, we look forward to working with you and anticipate a long and mutually beneficial relationship.